Paolo Pettene


Of origins Veronesi, after the degree in Architecture, it transfers him to Rome where it develops his apprenticeship near the Study of the Roman architect Annibale Vitellozzi (I design planner, among the others, of the fittings of the Italic Hole for the 1960 Olympiads to Rome and of the Building of the Sport for Italy ’61 in Turin), deepening and maturing so the knowledge of the canons of the sporting swimming architectural planning. Having lived his own sporting competitive adolescence, the architect moves such passion to the job specializing himself in the planning of sporting fittings. It continues the professional activity with really study in the province in Turin.

The architect Pettene has been advisor within the Committee sport facilities of the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee Piedmont), experienced technician of the Counter Sport of the Province in Turin, teacher within the course of specialization post-degree “Engineering of the Sport” near the Polytechnic in Turin. Currently it is omologatore F.I.N. (Italian Federation Swimming) for Piedmont and Valley of Aosta and teacher for the Sector Technical Education F.I.N. as well as in numerous accredited workshop for the permanent formation of the technical professionals. And besides member of Associations of category which Assopiscine and Acquanetwork.

Il team

The Study SdiA, specialized in sporting architectures, it uses of a staff multidisciplinare of which they make part professionals of tried experience and dependent technical personnel.

It uses of qualified and graduated technicians under 40 (architects and engineers) and it has the necessary know-how for the architectural planning, structural and technical installations, the presentation of practices to the Corporate body (local health service establishment, fire department, CONI, Sporting Federations, ARPA, Evaluation acoustic impact, Corporate body environment).

They come besides elaborate plain managerial and of development for the impiantistica sporting and tourist, attached technical-economic for evidence proclamations it publishes (concessions, project financing, leasing in building).


From 2002 the Study SdiA has center to Poirino, in the Pianalto Chierese among Turin and Alba.
The operational center of around 500 mqs, it is found in an ex workshop-teleria going up again to Nine hundred the first, with external park, restructured, reconverted to office and organized in spaces multifunzionali that mirrors the identity of the Study with his/her different professionalisms and competences.

The Study develops it in various circles:
– Architect Pettene’s Space; creative center of the Study, preceded by a gallery that show thirty years of trips to World Championships and Olympiads, with room lectures and specialistic library of sector, where the clients are met and where they are born the concepts that are sketched.
The open space enriched with ample exposure of images and plastic of the projects and of the realizations, where the postings of job of the team of planning are found; it is the place in which the sketch is turned into technical sketch and deepened in the various specialistic (architectural, structural and technical installations) circles.
– The office for the administrative practices and for the technical-managerial consultation, the procedures of selection (proclamations and contracts) and contractual in the Public Aministration.
– Zone Atelier equipped to laboratory plastic with library, file magazines and catalogs and store with repertoire component building, finishes, equipments and you furnish.